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How To Choose Your Stag Do Location


When it comes down to how to choose your stag do location, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration. Before you go booking anything you must chat to the rest of the group, especially the stag, and find out a number of things such as what everyone wants to do as the activity, everyone’s budget, how long everyone can go away for and much more. Here we reveal how to choose your stag do location and the main decisive factors that must be considered.

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Consider Everyone’s Interests

Go Karting

The most important person going on the stag do is the groom-to-be and of course his opinion is the most vital one. Should he not wish to board a plane a see the bright lights of Las Vegas, then there is no point booking Las Vegas. Not only does his opinion matter, but you must also consider what everyone else would like to do on the stag weekend. The best way to do this is to set up a WhatsApp group chat where everyone can share ideas and opinions freely. The reason you need to consider everyones opinion and interests is os that you do not book a location that nobody is interested in or an activity like 5 a side football when there are only a handful of football fans in the group.

Consider Everyone’s Budget


It is very important to take into consideration the budget of everyone in your group when choosing your stag do location. Younger members of the stag party may still be students and could be unable to afford a stag do abroad such as Las Vegas. Older members of the group could have young families and be unable to put away a huge amount of money for an expensive foreign stag do. Everyone in the group are going to have different incomes and expenditures so it is vital that this is considered.

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Consider the Time of Year


When booking the stag do location it is important to consider the time of year as certain places may not be enjoyable a different points throughout the year. For example, it may not be wise to book a coasteering stag do in County Mayo, Ireland in December as the weather is very likely to be cold, wet and windy. Booking a location such as Ibiza in Winter may also not be the greatest of decisions as the party season is over and it will not be nearly as lively as it would in the Summer.

Consider Stag Do Attractions


It goes without saying that wherever you book, there should of course be plenty of top class bars, restaurants and nightlife options nearby! Booking a location limited with these options can of course have damaging consequences on the weekend! Not to mention, ensure there are plenty of fun day time activities and attractions for the boys to make the most of including shops, tours and activity centres!

When considering your stag do location be sure to think about all of these points in order to make the stag weekend as big a success as possible. By remembering all these points, everyone in the group is more likely to enjoy themselves and create memories that will last for years to come!

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