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How to Choose Your Hen Party Accommodation


Choosing hen party accommodation to suit all the lovely ladies can be rather difficult and daunting! From too casual to too much, it is always hard to get a happy medium! Accommodation plays a huge role in the success of a hen weekend so needs to be taken seriously! Be sure to do your research and find out what each of your hens love and loath to help with your planning! We reveal the top things you need to think about when choosing your type of accommodation and what kind of girls they will or won’t suit!



For the ladies that enjoy the finer things in life, a hotel stay for the hen weekend is sure to be right up their street! With many 4 and 5 star hotels offering stylish guest rooms as well as onsite spa faculties and superb dining options all under the one roof, a hotel stay is sure to mark the occasion in style and a great way for all the ladies to get together! However, a hotel stay for the hen weekend can be rather expensive which may not be suitable for the hen parties or ladies on a budget! Not to mention, with many hotels not allowing hen party attire it may be difficult to find the right hotel that has everything you need!



Glamping is a great accommodation option for those looking to try something a little different and is of course the ultimate choice for the ladies that are lovers of the great outdoors! With many glamping options offering cosy beds and equipped heating, you and your ladies will be able to enjoy the experience together. However, many hens may not like the idea of no ensuite toilet or shower facilities! Not to mention, if you know some of your ladies aren’t really the nature and countryside type, this could turn out to be a really bad idea!

Private House


A private house is ideal for larger hen groups and gives the girlies the ultimate opportunity to spend some valuable time together! Not to mention, a private house is most suitable for the hens that like to fend for themselves with a fully equipped kitchen that all the girls can make full use of! Not to mention, with a spacious dining area and comfy living area, all the ladies are sure to feel at home for the duration of the hen weekend! However, for the chicks that prefer to be in the comfort of a lavish and stylish hotel which offers superb dining facilities so they won’t have to lift a finger, a private house may not be very suitable! Be sure to find out all the ladies opinions before making any decisions!



Similar to the private house, self-catering can be a private house, suite or an apartment! With a fully functioned kitchen, dining room, living area and cosy bedrooms, a self-catering option is ideal for large hen groups that prefer to distance themselves from everyone else! Here the girls can cook up a delicious meal instead of heading out to a restaurant, play a few hen party games and a enjoy a glass of wine or two! As previously mentioned, a self-catering accommodation option may not suit the high-maintenance or classy birds of the group who would rather head to a top class hotel which offers great spa facilities and award winning restaurants! It is hard to suit everyone but self-catering accommodation sure does offer many benefits!



For a cheaper option and for the hen parties on a budget, a B&B stay may be the most suitable option! Being in the comfort of someone’s house can make the ladies feel right at home as well as warm hospitality! On the other hand, some ladies may not feel comfortable staying in another individual’s house and reluctant to be in the party spirit as they don’t want to be a hassle or too rowdy! Your decision will depend entirely on your hens opinions so be sure to ask every lady!



Similar to the B&B option, a hostel can be a rather cheap option and is the perfect choice for the ladies that aren’t looking to spend much money! However, a hostel is not exactly a great way to mark the occasion in style as well as running the chance of staying in a room with complete strangers! This could leave many girls leaving very uncomfortable and excited for the hen weekend to be eventually over! For the classy hens and the ladies that enjoy the finer things in life, a hostel stay may be a living nightmare with no lavish guestrooms, dining options, en-suites and amenities that are necessary for a hen weekend! There are indeed many advantages and disadvantages when it comes to a hostel option for the hen weekend!

So there you have it, our top pros and cons for each hen party accommodation option that you really need to consider! All ladies are different with different values and opinions so be sure to do your homework and find the right accommodation for your hen group!

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