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Home and Away Hen Party

'Home & Away' is one of our favourite legendary soaps from Down Under. The gorgeous Roo is having her hen party, although as always in a soap there is certainly plenty of drama involved!

The gorgeous Roo is getting hitched to handsome Harvey on our favourtie Ozzie soap Home and Away!

Harvey manages to do himself some mischief and arrives home with a broken leg and a huge cast on. Despite his attempts to hide the cast Roo notices it and not suprisingly she isnt too happy, especially when it might still be there on the big day.


It all kicks off here from now on with Morag and Celia arriving for the hen night and Celia not approving of Harvey in the slightest, with her first introduction to him when he was in his undies. I'm sure you ladies wouldnt complain!

Thankfully Harvey's leg isnt broken at all, but it was an evil prank by Winston. Roo finds out and then begins to doubt whether it is a good idea to get married to Harvey at all!

All in all another eventful soap hen party ... though I think we know how to have a much better time on a hen party this side of the globe, especially with us here at HenorStag.com helping you with everything you will need!


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