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Escape Belfast

23 Donegal Road, Belfast,Antrim - View Map

Escape Belfast

23 Donegal Road, Belfast,
BT12 5JJ


High Energy Scavenger Hunt Stag Do



Offer Includes:

  • Solve Cryptic Clues & Locate Hidden Codes
  • Score as Many Points as Possible in 60 Minutes
  • Outrun Patrols or Forfeit Points
  • In The Heart of Belfast
  • From Only £12pp

Offer Explained:

Escape Belfast offer a stag do activity in Belfast that is sure to thrill everyone in your group!

Race against your mates to solve cryptic clues, outrun patrols and locate hidden codes in the heart of Belfast. The Hunt lasts for exactly 60 minutes and your mission is to simply score as many points as possible by reaching as many checkpoints within the time limit and finding the codes/answers hidden close by.

Hunters patrol each zone and if they manage to spot you or your team mates you will forfeit points. Speed, Strategy and Stealth are all essential attributes as you must outrun, out-smart or simply out manoeuvre these agents. 

So what are you waiting for lads? Contact Escape Belfast today for an unforgettable day out with your mates!


Terms and Conditions

- Must quote "HenorStag.com"
- Minimum number of 26 players