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Rosanna Davison Hen Party and 30th Birthday Celebrations!

Former Miss World, Rosanna Davison, prepares as she celebrates her hen party and turning 30 later on this month...

Rosanna Davison Hen Party

L Plates and saucy strippers just aren’t Rosanna’s scene (and we don't blame her!). But, when it’s your hen party, ladies are looking for that memorable and fun last night of freedom send off! This isn't the case for beauty pagent Rosanna Davison, who has insisted on wanting a ‘low key’ affair.

Rosanna and her long-term partner Wesley Quirke are set to get married in June, at the Atzaro Hotel & Spa in Ibiza.


Rosanna Davison's other half is rumoured to have took off to Galway for his stag do last week, whilst she is to be whisked away down the country for her own weekend of fun later this month! According to IndepdentWoman.ie Rosanna said "It was lovely to see him go off with all the lads. My two brothers went with them too which was nice and there was plenty of celebrating! Thankfully they're all back in one piece".

Rosanna Davison Hen Party Advice

The blonde beauty is also believed to be enjoying a few days with her best friend Brendan Rogers and 24 close pals. According to IndependentWoman.ie Rosanna stated "hens are a bit tamer than stags, I think for guys it's about embarrassing the stag, but with hens it's more about pampering and having a giggle". Could she be anymore accurate? She added "I'm really looking forward to it, I've no idea what's in store though. Things like L plates are not really my style and I don't think there will be a stripper! To be honest, I want to be able to remember it all, so instead of a nightclub it'll be more cocktails and dinner, with a bit of a dance." Apparently osanna's mum Diane, as well as her future mother-in-law will both attend.

Rosanna Davison 30th Birthday

The daughter of Chis de Burgh has more celebrations in store too! Rosanna’s 30th birthday is also around the corner, she told her local paper the Hearld that she's glad the hen will take her mind off leaving her 20's behind her -  stating "I thought combining the two occasions would be a good idea, it kind of takes the sting out of turning 30!" she is reported to have said.

We can't wait to see the latest on her forthcoming hen party and joint 30th celebrations! Looking forward to it, Rosie!


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