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Millie Mack's Bedroom Trick!

Millie Mackintosh has proved once again why she's perfect wife material by spilling her secrets in the bedroom... Oh, behave. Not in that way.
It every man's worst nightmare - finding their bedroom taken over by bucket loads of creams, lotions, potions, powders and make-up brushes! BUT, in Pro Green's case, he's the luckiest newlywed in the world...

Because self-confessed beauty fanatic Millie has shown she's a dab hand at keeping her potentially messy obsession safely out of her rapper hubby's way with some nifty storage solutions.

In a new interview with Charlotte Tilbury, the former Made In Chelsea star revealed where she keeps her troves of high-end slap in her and Pro's shared East London pad.

'I have to be fair to Stephen, so I keep it organised and out of the way, under our bed in pull out drawers – face, lips, and lashes', she said. Shame the same can't be said of our foundation-sprayed dressing tables...

The beauty blogger also went on to reveal some seriously exciting future plans following the huge success of her Millie's Lashes collection. 'I would love to expand into my own line of makeup', the 24-year-old admitted.

'I have a little dream to open a concept store – an eclectic shopping experience that covers all angles of your ideal shop. Think martinis, juices, clothes, personal shopping, nails… you name it! But that’s just a whisp of a dream at the moment.'

Come on Millie Mac - we're waiting!

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