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Meghan Markle is The Hen We Deserve

Meghan Markle has revealed in a recent interview that her hen party will be "classy."

Upon learning that Meghan Markle was going to have a bachelorette worthy of royalty, we at HenorStag lauded the news.

Our aim is to promote the “classier” aspects of the hen party market, and from Meghan Markle’s recent comments on her bachelorette—we wholeheartedly agree! In an interview for the
Mirror Online, she stated how the stereotypical hen lash was not for her, saying “The thought of running around a city trying to get into clubs and wearing headbands of the phallic persuasion didn’t seem very ‘on brand’ for us.”

Markle continues to be an inspiration for women around the world, with these latest comments reflecting the changes in public opinion. Girls today are progressively choosing to have “classier” hen parties, suggesting that rubber willies and ‘L” plates may soon become a thing of the past.

Now that we've established that Meghan is the ideal hen, take a look at a hen party worthy of the Princess
in waiting!

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