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Luxurious Beauty Treatments

A picture tells a thousand words, therefore it's so important to look the best you possibly can on your hen night, and with these top 5 beauty treatments you are sure to do that!


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The memories from a hen party weekend will last a very long time, if not forever -  as will the photos! Therefore you will want to look your absolute best! So what better excuse to book appointments with your favourite salon and try out some of these hot new beauty treatments! 

Hen Party Beauty Treatments

1) HD Brows

I’m absolutely fanatical about my eyebrows and I’ve been raving about the HD brows procedure to anyone who’ll listen. It’s a 7 step process involving tinting, threading and waxing to give you brows perfectly matched to your face shape. Visit your local HD brow trained technician 3-4 days before the party. I guarantee your fellow hens will be swooning in envy at your perfectly defined eyebrows.

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2) Eyelash Tint & Perm

Adding a tint to your eyelashes will give extra definition to your eyes and add extra oomph to your mascara. An eyelash perm will curl the eyelashes upwards, giving you wide awake peepers. Best of all the results of both treatments can last up to 8 weeks so you’ll still have defined, fluttery lashes come the big day!

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3) Gel Nails

I’m a massive klutz when it comes to painting on my polish so if you’re anything like me it’s often a good idea to get your nails done professionally for a special occasion. Gel nails come in a wide range of colours and if you’re feeling very brave you can even go for custom nail art. They take up to 4 weeks to grow out so if you’re lucky they might still be fresh for the wedding!

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4) Facials

On the countdown to a wedding stress can get the better of your skin, not to mention the added effect of clogged pores from makeup trials and unfamiliar products. Give your skin a good clear out before the hen party with a pore unblocking facial. I recommend opting for a treatment that uses both hot towels (to open your pores) and exfoliatation. It’ll really brighten up your complexion and if nothing else it will give you a little bit of relaxation too.

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5) Spray Tans

There are a million DIY tans on the market but if you’re worried about streaks and blotches you may feel more confident getting it done by a professional. My personal favourite is Cocoa Brown 1 hour spray tan, which develops in to a beautiful bronze hue within 60 minutes of application.
Remember to exfoliate and moisturise the day before your appointment and to leave the skin lotion free on the day. If you love the results, you can book in for another one for the wedding!

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So sit back ladies, relax and enjoy the VIP treatment!  

Victoria x

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