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Let The Brides Decide: Hen Do or Wedding Day?

Is it surprising that 27% of us say that they enjoy our ONE last night of freedom, rather than our actual wedding day? DO WE?
It's true. Us girls are all the same in some way or another. Especially when it comes to our hen party or his stag party, and we quote "what happens on them stays on them."
It's that terrible image in our head of where our other innocent half is let loose and be 'single' for one last night before a lifetime of being caged away. But statistics shows that a whooping 27% of us say that we enjoy this one night out more than their our actual wedding day? However, 73% of women also say that doing something that goes against their normal routine is what makes their hen weekend shine. Surprisingly enough, only 6% wanted to have a joint hen and stag do with their partners. 

Who ever mentioned stressed? 

As you wives know, an immense amount of organisation and pressure goes into a wedding day, with couples wanting everything to be perfect from the colour scheme to the venue, right down to the choice of hymns. But it does seems that a majority of us women do like to stay away from our partners for one last night of 'freedom'. Both male and female prioritise eating and drinking as being key components of a good hen party, as well as attending an event like a concert or show.

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