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Kris Jenner's Shock Confession at Hen Party Game!

Kris Jenner plays the popular hen party 'I have never' - and we really wish she didn't! Ever heard of the 'Mile High Club'?
Kris Jenner has never shied away from talking about unmentionable subjects on camera – remember that orgasm convo, cause we do! But she finally took things that little bit too far on her new show ‘Kris?’

The 57-year-old star admitted during a game of 'I have never' that she and her husband Bruce Jenner are part of the Mile High Club (daring couples who feel the need to spice up their love life while on board an aircraft) after getting frisky with one another on an American Airlines flight.

She said: ''We decided intentionally to join the Mile High Club. ''We thought we were so sneaky, so we come back to our seats and we were like two Cheshire Cats - we thought we got away with something.''

Kris and Bruce Jenner who have been married for 22 years together have daughters Kendall 17 and Kylie 15, made the public announcement that they had in fact been caught out.

Kris explained: ''The guy picks up the PA and says, 'Thank you for flying with American, ladies and gentleman, and we would just like to give a big congratulations to Kris and Bruce Jenner for joining the Mile High Club!'' Oh. My. God.


Kris with daughters Khloe, Kendall and Kylie

Kris’s daughter Khloe Kardashian was her guest host on the July 22 episode of the new daytime talk show, but younger daughters Kendall and Kylie Jenner were in the audience. From the studio audience, these teens had to listen to their mum tell stories of her sex life, and no - we can’t imagine that was fun.

“Kendall and Kylie - earmuffs,” Kris said to her daughters in the front row. Then an audience member brought up the mile-high club, and Kris started to giggle, taking a swig from her giant glass of white wine.
Khloe, understandably looked horrified. “That is gross,” she said.
“Do you want to hear what happened?” Kris asked. “Not really” Khloe shot back, but Kris was on fire!

Then Kris told the story of how she and Bruce decided that they were going to join the mile high club and how they pulled it off on the plane, going one at a time to the plane bathroom, and how they ended up getting caught by the plane staff. “I am so sorry, girls,” Khloe said to her little sisters, who were grimacing from the crowd.

Now, Kendall and Kylie are big kids, and we know they’ll be fine. But are we the only ones who think this is kind of creepy? Yes, Kris’s story of getting busted after bangin’ on a plane is actually pretty funny, but telling it as one daughter co-hosts your show and your two youngest children are in the audience?

There is a time and place for that Kris!

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