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Katie Price's Husband Banned From Hen Parties?

They have only been married a matter of weeks and already Katie Price is rumored to have banned her new husband from doing what he does best... stripping!
Yes ladies by day Kieran Hayler (25) is a skilled plaster and by night a fully nude male stripper loved by hen parties across the UK.

Rumors are now rife however that Kieran is already bored of married life as Katie has stopped Kieran from doing what he loves best.  According to Closer Magazine, Kieran, 25, has been telling friends that being married to Katie Price, 34, isn’t what he expected.

Kieran reportedly told friends: “It’s a bit dull- to be truthful, it’s not what I thought married life would be like."

“Katie just sits around moaning and saying she doesn’t want to do anything. I don’t seem to be allowed to go out alone or even write on Twitter without her permission.”

And it doesn’t stop there, according to a source close to Katie, aka Jordan, the model has been treating Kieran more like an employee as opposed to a husband.

The source continued: “The rows and bickering have already started- it’s no surprise as they are just sitting around the house doing very little.

Perhaps Katie should let her new husband back to his stripping job surrounded by hen parties!!Up to a few weeks ago Katie Price's new husband was a favorite with hen parties.  Now there is rumor that all is well in the newly wed camp as Katie puts down her foot.

Katie Price image ©Alexandra Glen / Crestock
Quotes courtesy of Omg! from Yahoo! UK


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