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Is There A Hen Do In Sight For Kim Kardashian

Are wedding bells in store for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West? Rumours have been flying around Hollywood about the couple tying the knot in a lavish moonlit ceremony after the birth of their first child this summer.

Is Kim Kardashian set to marry  Kanye West? Rumours have been rife that the A-List couple will be walking down the ilse for a lavish moonlit ceremony after they have given birth to their first child this summer. 

Kardashian’s spokesperson has responded to the claims, saying they are one hundred percent false. But don’t let out a sigh of disappointment just yet as Kim has often admitted that she’s keen to walk up the aisle again! We’re sure her dream might come true in the not so distant future as Kanye recently released a song ‘White Dress’ which hints that he wants to get hitched too! 

Kim’s first marriage to famous basketball player Kris Humphries was nothing short of a disaster! For those of you who watched Kim’s reality TV show, ‘The Kardashians’, which featured Kris a lot when they were engaged, they seemed to do little else but argue! Many predicted that their marriage wouldn’t survive the year but we were all shocked when they announced they were filing for divorce, after only seventy two days of marriage! Kim readily admits that she and Kris rushed into getting married but both were happy to do the right thing and end it as swiftly as possible when they realised that they weren’t meant for each other. 

We certainly widened our eyes when we saw a romance kindling between Kim and Kanye West and eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when Kanye announced that Kim was pregnant at his concert last New Year’s Eve! Although the pair haven’t seen much of each other during Kim’s pregnancy, they keep in regular contact over the phone and internet. 

Kanye is busy recording his new album in Paris while Kim has kept busy in her early pregnancy months jetting off around the globe for various showbiz commitments. The pair’s baby is due in July so Kim is sticking closer to home now to prepare for the big day.

Kim recently commented on how being pregnant has changed her as a person; “I’m going to be a mum, so I feel myself getting really protective”. We hope this couple get to spend some quality time together before the baby arrives, and maybe then we can hear some news of Kardashian hen parties and rapper stag bashes happening in the coming months!

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