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Ireland's Workmen Turn To Hen Parties!

Yes ladies with Ireland's construction industry at an all time low some of Ireland's fittest men are reportedly baring all and turing into strippers to cater for Ireland's growing hen party market. Work tools really are being replaced with thongs!
By day Anthony Brady from County Carlow is a workman fixing vending machines and by night he is a stripper! 

 Commenting to the Irish Times the 29-year old stripper stated "As soon as the weekend hits, I get the tan and the thong on and I'm out the door".

 With over 27,000 weddings happening across Ireland in 2013 the hen party market is big business! Workmen like Anthony are seeing the recession as away to diverse and make extra income.

 But stripping is not just about getting your kit off.  After the striptease the stripper becomes the topless waiter attending to the hen parties every drink request. Many women do off course take delight in handing the stripper a brush and pan and asking him to tidy up. Anthony explains to the Irish Times that he does have to be careful while tiding up as he expertly avoids what he calls "the thong grab".


Brady goes on to explain that his own parents have never seen his act, but that his grandmother is supportive, having booked him for a party once. “She and a few of her friends, including my aunt, booked me for the craic. It was great fun,” he says.
So ladies would you let your boyfriend or husband become a hen party stripper? 

For many the answer is a big fat 'no'.  But with an average stripper costing between €150 and €200 euro to book for a hen party we know who really is laughing!

Good on Anthony!

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