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How To Be The Perfect Bridesmaid

You’ve been given the pleasure of receiving the most honourable role of being a Bridesmaid for your sister, sister-in-law to be, best friend, cousin or old school friend - and you're just a little excited about it!  Your role is important along with everything entailed with it! So have a read at some Bridesmaid tips, including keeping the bridezilla calm!
1. Be Patient - Probably the most important trait of a good bridesmaid is to stay calm and in control during all eventualities. Weddings can bring with them, alot of stress and the best thing you can do to help in between all the madness is to be calming and reassurancing, that all brides to be need by their side. You need to be the voice of reason. 


2. Be Gracious & Tactful - When it comes to the all important dresses, remember the bride to be has probably been planning this day in her head since she was a little girl, even if her taste is not entirely to yours you must remember to remain diplomatic and supportive. After all it is only one day in your life, but a lifetime of memories for her! 

3. Plan the BEST Hen Party, ever! - This is the most stressful task possibly for you, the bridesmaid! It could also be the most exciting task on the run-up to the big day so make sure you are organised and take consider everyone's budgets and priorities, but don’t over think things too much! Know your audience, budget and most importantly your bride! Know what she likes and go from there, simples! You will find all you'll ever need here at HenorStag.com

4. Always Help Out - There will be more than one visit to the wedding venue before the big day, so offer to go along and support the bride to be - this can also be a great way to build up a relationship with the staff of the venue before the big day. It can also help things run more smoothly when it arrives. 

5. Create a Video Message - This is a great ideas for those who can't be there on the wedding day. It’s no secret that more and more people are now living abroad and there may be times when close friends and relatives cannot attend the occasion. Creating some video messages from abroad that can be shown on the day would add that personal touch which i’m sure the Bride and Groom would love!

6. Draft up a Rota - A great idea for the morning of the wedding. With a mixture of emotions, everyone involved wants the day to go without a hitch. A rota would make sure that no hair or makeup appointments over-lap or over run and a job list for any men in the family - for those all important cleaning jobs that has to be done outside!

7. Keep Calm - Create a calm environment on the morning of the wedding, so that things go to plan from the word GO!

8. Create a Bridal Kit - Every bride needs a bridal kit and someone to take care of it during her wedding day.


9. Check 'Finer' details - Make sure the finer details are in place when you arrive at the church and venue. If you spot that anything is wrong or out of place, it is your job to make sure it is sorted asap!

10. How is everyone? Is everyone happy? Nervous maybe? Mingle with the guests throughout the day - make sure they are all having a good day, and not only that but they will be adiriming how beautiful you look - bonus! It is also a personal touch from you prospective - And of course the bride & groom will be very grateful!


And when all of the above have been completed there’s nothing else for it apart from joining the newlyweds on the dance floor! So kick off them uncomfortable heels and boogie the night away! It is a time for celebration after all, enjoy!


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