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Hen Party Ice Cubes

Why not try these hen party ice cubes to mix with your hen night drinks! Hen party ice cubes are a great way to spice up any hen party cocktails to give them a classy look!
Every ‘hot on trend’ party needs some delightfully delicious beverages. But, how about cooling things down a little with these easy to make, charming and eye catching ice cubes, guaranteed to dress up any drink - whatever your potion! 


Try this: Pomegranate Icecubes in a heart shaped Icecube tray, easy peasy!

Pop a strawberry or your favourite fruit/treat inside the cube compartment and leave to freeze! It’s that easy! Try raspberry mint cubes by adding a fresh mint leaf and a raspberry or two. These are excellent in mojitos, white wine spritzers, gin and tonics, lemonade, ginger ale and even ice tea. If Mint isn’t your taste, try adding a substitute like basil for a more savoury option. 



This attention to detail really will add that extra bit of class to your glass!

Enjoy ladies!



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