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Hen Parties Abroad

Another week means another beauty column! Todays it's all about discussing top tips for looking gorgeous on a hen party abroad for all of you lucky ladies who are jetting off to sunnier climates to celebrate someone's final days of freedom!



1. Body Beautiful

I don’t believe in restrictive eating or punishing exercising regimes but I do believe that getting in some good nutrition before a beach holiday can go a long way to achieving body confidence. Three to 7 days before your holiday aim to up your intake of lean meat and fresh veggies and make sure you’re glugging at least 8 glasses of water a day. This will help to flush out any toxins and lessen tummy bloat meaning you’ll jet off with glowy skin and extra energy. If you’re worried about cellulite then get scrubbing in the shower. A good exfoliator will help to increase circulation and lymphatic drainage, which in turn helps to lessen cellulite. You can make your own scrub by using green tea, honey and sugar and blending together until you reach your desired consistency. I use it all the time and it works wonders!

2. Wearing Fake Tan on Holidays

A faux glow is an instant confidence booster but you don’t have to shell out heaps of cash to get it done professionally. You can do it DIY instead! To get a glow before you go all you need is a tanning mitt and a tanning mousse. I recommend St Tropez Tanning Mousse (30.69, Boots) or a cheaper version that works just as well is St Moritz Self tanning mousse (1.99, Semi Chem). For best results, exfoliate and moisturise the day before application. Then simply pump the mousse out on to your mitt and apply to the body in upward circular motions. The mousse is coloured so you can easily spot any missed or patchy bits meaning you can’t go wrong! If you’re after added shimmer for an evening of cocktails I also recommend Gosh Giant Sun powder (8.99, Superdrug). Apply it to your cleavage, collarbones and décolletage to add a gorgeous bronzed glow and a little extra glam to your night.

3. A Holiday Manicure or Pedicure

Chipped polish on your hollers is hella annoying and so is lugging around several different shades of varnish in your suitcase. Instead treat yourself to a mani/pedi before you jet off so you can feel perfectly preened from top to toe. I recommend opting for a gel polish which can resist chips and last anywhere from 2-4 weeks.
As a rule it’s neutral for the fingertips and bright on the toes but if you’re feeling really daring why not all get a matching ‘Hen themed’ mani? I’m thinking fuchsia pink polish, silver diamantes and the word ‘Hens’ on each thumb. Fun, right? Or you could go a little more x-rated if you like. But I’ll leave that one up to your imagination...

4. Get perfect 'Holiday Hair'

One of the best things about a beach holiday is totally hassle free, babe worthy beach hair. When I go away anywhere I bring an empty spray decanter and fill it with sea water. Then when I’m about to head out to dinner or to a bar I simply spray it through my locks and scrunch the hair with my hands. It gives a beautifully tousled, relaxed vibe and is zero effort. On another hair related note, there really is no need for 12 pairs of hair straighteners between the group. Delegate 1 or two people to pack a staightener, someone else to bring a hair dryer, another hen to bring the shampoo and conditioner and so on. It’ll leave more room for shoes on the way over and a bigger space for souvenirs on the way back! Pro packing tip: Magazines are always offering free beauty samples, from foundations to hair products. Flick through your collection and see if you can save space by packing a few freebies.

5. Always wear Suncream!

Take it from someone who’s suffered second degree burning from the sun, please, please , PLEASE wear sun cream! Keep your peepers peeled for a formula that’s SPF 30+ and offers added hydration to stop your skin drying out in the sun. Remember to apply it at least 20 mins before you go out in to those rays! If you do get burnt, look out for Aloe Vera plants that often grow wild in hotter climates. If you spot one, break off a steam and apply the aloe gel directly to the burn. Not only is it deliciously cooling on scorched skin, it will help the burn heal up super fast and it’s also way more effective than any aloe products you’ll find in store.

Finally, just make sure to have an amazing time. Kick back, have fun and enjoy yourself whatever wonderful destination you’re off to. I’m well jel!

Victoria x

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