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Hen Gives Tipsy In-Flight Demonstration

A Bride-to-be leads the safety demonstration travelling on her hen do to Barcelona!

26 year old Bride-to-be Tara at the request of her friends conducted the in-flight safety demonstration on a Ryanair flight going from Brussels to Barcelona! Directed by the cabin crew and encouraged by the passengers, the tipsy Tara would give a shaky run-through of the safety protocols before the plane took flight.

Her friends Julie Mariner recorded the scene, tweeting with the caption “Thank you Ryanair for helping us make her bachelorette extra special.” Everyone seemed in a jovial mood, with the steward on board helping her lead the demonstration whilst wearing a tiara and stewardess jacket. According to Julie, Tara was already wearing the jacket, leading her to ask the staff on board the Ryanair flight if she could lead the demonstration. Her performance was greatly entertaining, and received a round of applause before she retook her seat.


Image Credits: The Mirror

Thanks to Tara, people actually listened to the in-flight demonstration for once! If you feel inspired by Tara's air hostess outfit, check out our fun Air Hostess hen party theme!

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