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Handmade Hen Party Invites and Favours

WHOO! We have a NEW Blogger! Ladies, please welcome the talented & creative Stacey! Stacey creates beautiful, handmade hen party stationary and favours in all different styles and colours! Take a peek at her first blog on creating your very own hen party invites and favours...


Hen Party Bags and Favours

Party bags and favours are a must have for any hen night or party. You can make beautiful party bags very simply by using some plain paper bags (try to use the ones with handles), better again, if you have nice handwriting you can decorate them and write your friends names on the bags with glitter pens. If you would prefer to print their names, you can design how you want it to look on a computer and print it out onto some high quality card. Cut it out neatly and mount it onto the bag, it’s simple but really effective. 


It’s also quite popular to use cotton shopper bags as favours, you can decorate each bag with the names of your friends with fabric paint - there is lots of different colours, including glittery fabric paint which will look really cute! You could even sew on decorative buttons and sequins for a touch of sparkle! Ta Daaa!

If you have cellophane bags fill them with sweets, lollipops and chocolate or even some old jam jars hanging around use them as favours too! Fill them with sweets; tie on a ribbon and a name tag to finish it off. To make a name tag you can simply type your friend’s names out in a calligraphy font from your computer and print them on high quality card (in whatever colour you like), then take a hole punch to make a hole in the top. Thread a ribbon through and tie it onto the jar - it’s simple but will look really sweet!

Wine glass charms are all the rage at the moment! They hang onto the stem of your wine glass and are very cute and really easy to make! Want to know how? All you need is florist wire, where you thread on the letters of each friends name using alphabet beads. Bend it into a round shape and twist the ends together to keep it in place...you have yourself a creative addition to your party bag!


Handmade Hen Party Invitations

Like all things handmade, it’s important to use the right materials to create a neat finish! There is no point in using cheap card and then using expensive embellishments. The card you use is going to be the base for everything else so this needs to be high quality and of a good thickness so that it doesn’t feel cheap. You can still create an awesome invitation without spending a fortune on the embellishments. 
My favourite design is a gatefold card with a ribbon tied at the front into a bow and this creates a beautiful invitation. For your hen party you could use a hot pink card with a nice black satin ribbon or even a lace ribbon, lace is very popular right now too.

To make beautiful invitations it is a good idea to use cutting equipment, if you are a bit crafty anyway, then you will probably have the right equipment already - but you will need either a craft knife with a metal ruler or a small guillotine. If you try to cut the card free hand then you might not end up with the finish you’re looking for. Alternatively you can use ready-folded gatefold cards to make things easier but it will obviously add to your overall cost.

And remember... have fun, get creative and make some really memorable moments for you and the girls! Enjoy!



And that's my first blog for HenorStag.com complete! Keep an eye out for my next appearance, it's going to be good!

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Lots of Love
Stacey x

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