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French Themed Hen Party

Bring romance to your hen weekend with a French themed hen party! Oh La La...

A French Themed Hen Party

by Grace Kelly 
Romance. Every girl LOVES a bit of romance (and it can’t be denied). 
So, where would be one of thee most romantic places in the world? That’s right - Paris! A Parisian themed hen party would be sure to ooze your girls with class, style, sophistication and ‘amore’. 


For all you prospective hens out there, I’m sure some of you have already sat down with your hens and watched ‘Bridesmaids the Movie’  - if not..DO IT! It’s a hilariously, funny movie which humorously encounters everything a bride and her bridesmaids come up against while planning the big day.

A Paris Themed Hen Party

The Paris themed hen scene is just ingenious and having just come back from Paris myself- this theme would be right up my ‘Champs Elysees’! French Champagne, wine, food, music, decor, napkins, even French themed dress! All of these would make up all the essential ingredients needed for a ‘fantastique’ hen party!! Avoir du plaisir!



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