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Engaged Celebrities

We’re happy to admit that we’re obsessed with celebrity weddings! As some of our favourite stars are so keen to share every aspect of their wedding inspirtation online, following them online is a great way to keep abreast of their wedding plans and seek inspiration for your own big day!

Best Engaged Celebrities

Whether we like to admit it or not, we’re all a little bit hooked on celebrity weddings! And, as many of our favourite stars are so keen to share their lives with us, for those who are engaged, stalking online celeb’s profiles is a great way of getting some inspiration for your own big day.

Although some celebrities like to keep their weddings hush-hush, there are plenty others who have no qualms about posting photos online of everything from their engagement rings to their floral decoration inspirations.

Celebrity Instagrams

Here are some of our favourite celebrity brides to be - check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for up to date wedding plans... 

Michelle Keegan – loved up Michelle is in planning for her 2015 wedding, expect super cute photos of her and fiancé Mark oozing lots of downright gorgeous-ness!

Michelle Keegan Instagram

Katherine Jenkins – Katherine has recently confirmed her engagement to Hollywood Film Director Andrew Levitas. We can see a wedding full of glamour made extraordinary with both Welsh and American influences. 

Katherine Jenkins: The Daily Mail

Kelly Brook – also recently engaged, Kelly used social media to make her big announcement. We’re sure she will keep her huge fan base in the know as wedding plans progress. 

Kelly Brook Instagram

Jessica Simpson – Jess got engaged a while ago but rumours are rife that she is set to tie the knot this year! Her online profile is definitely one to watch.. 

Jessica Simpson Instagram

Kim Kardashian – as well as oodles of selfies, expect over the top wedding plans that only a Kardashian could dream of...

Kim Kardashian Instagram

So there you have it, some celebrity inspiration for your forthcoming Wedding plans! It sure it all about the bling with these ladies!


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