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Ellie Goulding The Wedding Singer

Actor Aaron Paul from "Breaking Bad" is set to have british pop songstress Ellie Goulding sing at his wedding next month! Ellie Goulding did off course sing at one the world's most talked about weddings back in 2011...
Yes ladies British pop sensation Ellie Goulding is set to sing at actor Aaron Paul's wedding. 

The "Breaking Bad" actor, who is set to get married to his beautiful blonde fiancee Lauren Parsekian took to Twitter on Thursday to make the request to Goulding.

Pop Star Ellie Goulding

"Hey @elliegoulding hope your day is going beautifully. Quick question, would you like to play at my wedding? Say yes," Paul tweeted.

Ellie quickly responded "@aaronpaul_8 ok" and then, "@aaronpaul_8 um soooo... When is it?"

"@elliegoulding said yes everyone!!! Call me for details and also let me know where I can send over a giant bribe gift. You're amazing," an excited Paul tweeted back. “Wedding is next month and you're awesome. Where should I deliver my first born?"

This is not the first time Ellie Goulding has performed at a celebrity wedding having graced her voice at Prince William and Duchess Catherine’s wedding (Kate Middleton) in 2011.
Your Song by Ellie Goulding as played at Kate Middleton's wedding in 2011

When it comes to celebrities and their wedding singers money certainly can be no object! Fireworks songstress Katy Perry was reportedly paid £1.9 million by ex Neighbours actress Holly Valance and her british billionaire luxury developer Nick Candy to sing at their wedding. Big bucks when she only played for about 45 minutes!

We at HenorStag.com wonder if Ellie Goulding will be making an appearance at Lauren Parsekian’s hen party?


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