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Eastenders Roxy's Hen Party!

Nothing ever goes smoothly down at Albert Square espcially when there is a big event, well tonight is Roxy Mitchel's hen party and she is no stranger to scandal or heart break! 

Eastenders Hen Party

Eastenders Roxy Mitchel is looking forward to getting married to the man of her dreams, the comical Alfie Moon. Just like all brides to be Roxy has arranged an all singing all dancing hen party with all of her friends. Roxy hasnt gone to far though and the hen party is happening in the club on Albert Square. 


Unfortunately nothing ever goes smoothly for a Mitchel and Roxy's sister Ronnie drops a bomb shell in the middle of the hen party announcing that she thinks Alfie Moon still loves his ex Kat!

It may look like Ronnie was the spiteful sister and jealous of Roxy's happiness and great hen party, but there was some truth in it as a drunken Alfie Moon on the way home from his stag do bumps into his ex Kat and they share an embrace!

Eastenders Wedding

Bad times for poor Roxy Mitchel, we are now left wondering what will happen at the wedding or if there will even be one! 



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