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DIY Wine Glass Tags

Here's a hen party idea that takes hen party name tags to a brand new level! Name that hen party glass!
Thinking of a personal touch for your hen party at home or out and about? Then how about making some hen party name tags, but creating them for your glass!

Hen Party Wine Glass Charms

Think about it – have you ever been so busy chatting and catching up with friends at a party, that your looking puzzled at the drinks in front of you and you totally forget which one is yours?! Well, worry no more! Here, HenorStag has the perfect solution to make sure your hen party glass can’t fall into the hands of someone’s, other than your own! 


Try these beautiful and elegant name tags for hen party glasses. They are a brilliant idea and can so easy to make! Who needs men for DIY, eh!?

Wine Glass Name Tags

Available in a selection of variations, they double up as a great keepsake for your hen party girls! This hen party idea is certainly unique, yet so simple and special. Add these name tags to your glass along with HenorStag’s novelty ice cubes and you’re sure to create a great stir! You will have made the perfect hen party drink! Give your girl’s a personal touch, there’s nothing to loose! Except that drink that doesn’t have a hen party name tag of course!


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