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Chinese Lanterns

Create a magical hen night with your girls and try this unique hen party idea! Chinese lanterns are sure to add a touch of glamour, creating unforgettable memories!

Hen Party Chinese Lanterns

No doubt we have all been outside at night, be it New Years Eve, Halloween or a lovely summers night. You may or may not have seen some floating objects glowing across the skyline. Well, incase you didn’t already realise – these are floating Chinese lanterns!



Creative Hen Night Ideas

Chinese lanterns have become more and more popular for a variety of events and celebrations. Their eye-catching and stunning beauty is the perfect way to commemorate an important event. And you can bet that guests and onlookers will love them! Chinese lanterns consist of an eco friendly frame, a biodegradable paper balloon and a fuel cell. When the fuel cell is lit, the balloon gently floats off into the night’s sky. The effect when they are all released at once is truly amazing - and with some coming in heart shapes too!


So why not incorporate this hen party idea into your hen night or weekend. Ask your girls to write a good-wish message for the bride-to-be and groom and attach this to the Chinese lantern! This could even be a fun hen party activity for during the day, preparing for lift off that night! Or why not try and save this romantic, starry idea for the wedding itself… It’s up, up and awayyyy to you!


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