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Adele The 21st Century Role Model

'Dynamic, award-winning and record-breaking' is how American Vogue described its cover girl. Meet our 21st century role model 'Adele' who we hope one day will be celebrating her own hen party...

Our favourite singing sensation Adele never fails to demonstrate her down to earth attitude as she turns 25 years old today (May 5th). It's well publicised that Adele was furious when she had to miss out on her mate's hen party due to commitments with her second album ‘21’ and unforgettable live performance at the 2011 MTV Awards!

Many hens out there will agree that Adele embosses many of the virtues warranted to be a true 21st century modern woman! She refuses to succumb to the pressures of being stick thin in a celebrity world surrounded by size '6' and '8' women. A nasty comment by Chanel’s creative director, Karl Lagerfield in 2012 about her weight was met with a huge wave of abuse directed back at him from millions of Adele fans and women around the world! It’s so refreshing to have a talented celebrity like Adele, showing our younger generation that beauty can come in all shapes and sizes and its not all about looks! 

Unlike many ‘celebrities’ that appear all over reality television and tabloids, Adele is famous for her beautifully powerful voice and unparalleled song writing skills. She has amassed a huge fortune having been named as one of the 'Top 30 under Thirty' year olds in the Sunday Times who are worth over a whopping £30 million pounds!

Adele, who was born in 1988 (now aged 25), is in a loving relationship with boyfriend, Simon Christopher Konecki. She gave birth to their son, Angelo on October 19th 2012 and fiercely protects her private life from the press. As of yet, they have no plans to wed but we’re sure Adele’s hen party celebration will be a night to remember! 

She is the first female singer in history to have three of her singles in the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100’s chart at any one time! If it’s even possible, the song that she wrote and performed in the Bond film ‘Skyfall’ has propelled her to the very pinnacle of music fame both in Europe and the States. She even won a Golden Globe in 2013 for her exquisite performance!

With her growing phenomenal success that’s showing no signs of slowing, Adele is our knight in shining armour! Happy birthday Edel from all at HenorStag.com

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