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30 & Flirty! From Hen Parties To Girly Weekends!

Thirty, yes the big 30! Your 30th birthday that fills us all with a shared amount of excitement (and dread) as we approach a new decade in our lives! Reluctantly leaving behind the fun-filled, character building 20s. Sob.
Thirty is the age that (some or most) women feel an increased sense of panic! The need to settle down, marriage and kids! As the sounds of the ticking biological clock is getting louder and faster, it really is just a reminder of our child bearing window - after all that’s what society expects of us, right girls? NO! 

There's no panic! Here are some reasons why it’s more than acceptable to be single & have that 'flirty at 30' caption in your head! After all, 30 is the new 20! 
1. Because... the best is yet to come! So what if you haven’t yet found the man of your dreams - it's obviously because 1 - he can't find you or 2 - your just not prepared to settle. You may have an idea of your perfect man in your head, and you are still on the look out - perfectly acceptable!
2. Because... relationships wasn’t at the top of your priorities before now. Maybe you have a great career, you want or have travelled the world and your life therefore experienced precedent. Imagine how attractive you will be to a future partner when you discuss how colourful your life has been to date!
3. Because... your as free as a bird, still! You want to keep your freedom for a little while longer, just because, well let face it - Marriage is a HUGE commitment and should not be taken lightly. 
4. Because... you have unlimited girl time! Whoo! You can go visit your girls whenever you feel, have girly dates whenever you want! And not only that, but you even get more ‘you’ time now than you ever will in the future! 
5. Because... your bed is your own and you have all the space in the world to lie there, no screaming kids or annoying husbands! (Bedtime + sleeptime = a great beauty sleep).
6. Because... you can still act like a self-centred 20 year old! Nope, you don’t have to share, your decisions are your own, and that bucket list of craziness still needs quite a few things ticked off!
7. Because... you get to enjoy going on numerous dates! Getting to grips with you type, sussing out what suits you and what doesn't. Sitting back and enjoying the excitement of being wined and dined, in what is hopefully good company, without commitment. 
8. Because... you can still have children. If you're keeping fit, healthy & active, research shows you really do have a good chance of conceiving- I mean, just look at Halle Berry?! Need I say more?
9. Because... marriage is about more than butterflies. It’s not only a Wedding Day you've dreamt of since you were small - it’s a life long commitment that, all women should think very carefully before taking the plunge.
10. And... finally, because life doesn’t begin with a ring! (Although the one below is pretty darn amazing!).


Of course our grandparents tied the knot in their 20s BUT, time have certainly changed. If you still find yourself single & thirty, its most likely because your life has been action packed - travelling, career and everything is about YOU. Before you know it, "me" time will be "we" time... and that's when responsibilities will change!
So for all you 30 year olds that are single and perhaps ready to mingle... embrace it! The love of your life has been waiting on you to fulfil your personal dreams, but before he enters into your life and sweeps you off your feet! I guarantee the next chapter will be as exciting as the last!
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