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Vintage Hairstyles Hen Party Ideas

During the 1930s, 40s and 50s every woman had style and elegance and was pampered to make them feel and look like a real woman. So what better way to kick start your hen party weekend, than to recreate this vintage look! Roll on the glamour and grace of a vintage hen party weekend with your special girls!

Vintage hairstyles are becoming more popular and will continue to be a hairstyling obsession! If you’re ready for some vintage hairstyle inspiration that's got a little retro flair, look no further. It’s all about creating curls, volume and glamourous vintage waves!

Vintage Victory Rolls


Vintage victory rolls are meant to be the most popular vintage hairstyle, yet the most difficult to do on yourself! The victory roll began in the 1940’s when ladies at this time didn't have had many beauty tools and products available to them would then use this hairstyle to give their hair more height and shape as well as character.

- Make a centre parting and section the front of the hair.

- Back comb the front sections at the root slightly to add volume.

- Brush out some of the back combing you put in and take one section.

- Start twisting the hair back in on itself into a roll. Use your fingers to create the roll shape.

- Pin into place and set with hair spray.

Beehive Hairstyles


The iconic beehive is making a comeback, after being made famous by classic stars such as Dusty Springfield, Audrey Hepburn and Amy Winehouse. For those of you who don’t have professional hairstylists like these vintage icons, read these how-to steps on achieving the retro glamour 60’s look.

- Begin with hair that has already been curled and backcomb this – it will mean the hair is easier to work with.

- Create a side parting at the front of your hair and section it at the front. Then brush the hair back to one side.

- Fasten it in place with kirby grips. Smooth hair into a pony tail.

- Using your other hand twist the pony tail in on itself, rolling around fingers to give it volume and form and secure with pins.

- Take one of your front sections backwards and pin into place.

Pixie Cuts


The Pixie hairstyle has been around for decades and it's all thanks to women such as Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy and Mia Farrow. Pixie hairstyles is a constant recurring hair trend that is popular amongst some of the most iconic women in Hollywood and we still love them for it!

-Worn close to the scalp, the pixie is perfectly chic.

- Apply a firm style holding gel to the root of damp hair to achieve a sleek, flat shape.

-Create a side part, then blow out hair.

- Smooth hair with a brush, then finish with a mist of shine hairspray.

Finger Waves


Finger waves, finger curls, retro waves - there all the same! This retro hairstyle is designed to create beautiful, soft waves that are a super simple way to add vintage inspiration instantly! Since the release of the Great Gatsby, the finger waves hairstyle has really hotted up! From spangly headbands to feathers and head scarves, Great Gatsby hen party themes will love the idea of finger waves and here's how to get the look step by step!

- Begin by washing the hair to ensure it looks healthy and hydrated.

- Use a fine tooth comb to create a deep side-parting (choose whichever side suits you best) and blow dry the hair.

- When the hair is completely dry split it into several sections and take a small curling tong, curling the hair in one direction facing forwards.

- Once the whole head is done, brush out the curls to transform them into loose waves.

- Finish with a pump of smoothing serum through the ends of the hair and a mist of hairspray.

Marilyn Curls


Last but not least, we all loved her blonde retro waves, the pouty lips and her curvy figure were all legendary about the late Marilyn Monroe. Her hairstyle became part of her image and appeal and never went out of style. Marilyn Monroe is remembered for her style by so do many of today’s stars. Learn below how to create the modern Marilyn Monroe glamour curls.

- Work a fist-sized dollop of volumising mousse or styling mousse through your towel-dry hair. Use a comb to part your hair on one side.

- Roll wide strands of hair around curlers or a wide curling iron.

- After blow-drying, carefully remove the curlers out of the cooled hair. If you are using a curling iron you should allow each strand of hair to remain rolled up on it for a few seconds before removing the curling iron.

- Use your fingers to shape the waves. Comb gel into your hair to give the style an elegant note. If you prefer a more casual look you may rather like to run your fingers through your hair a couple of times to create an endearing messy look.

- Apply extra-gloss hairspray for more lustre and hold... Don't forget the mandatory sweep of red lipstick!

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