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Vintage Accessories Hen Party Ideas

For a classy and sophisticated look for the girlies, a vintage hen party is sure to do the trick! With a vintage hen party theme comes a range of must have accessories and styles, from satin white gloves to pearl necklaces! Have everyone daring to stare at the hen party celebrations with your glamorous 1950’s accessories!

Below is a list of vintage hen party accessories to help inspire your look:

Pearl Necklace

It goes without saying that a pearl necklace is a vintage hen party must have! It is the perfect way to brighten up your outfit especially if you are wearing a low cut dress! You are sure to look like the next Audrey Hepburn with your extravagant pearl necklace!


A vintage brooch is guaranteed to perfect your look even more! Brooches come in a wide range of styles and colours so you are sure to find the right one to suit your outfit! Not to mention, a brooch can be wore anywhere whether it may be on your blouse, dress or coat - the choice is completely yours! Why not opt for a Cameo Brooch for your vintage hen party look? An elegant must have!

Diamond Earrings

Diamonds are a girls best friend! You can never go wrong with diamond earrings for the ideal vintage hen party look! From chandelier earrings to tear drop earrings, be sure to find the right type for your vintage look! With red rouge lips and a finger wave hairstyle, your earrings are certain to stand out and have all the ladies envious on the hen night!


If you are opting for a vintage tea party, vintage gloves are a must have to ensure you perfect the ultimate 1950’s look! Choose from a wide selection of gloves for the hen party celebrations, from black leather with a faux fur trimming to silky satin white! They will soon be your must have fashion item! You may decide to go the extra mile and invest in a pair of white lace gloves, they are guaranteed to look the party especially if you are opting for a bright or pastel coloured dress!

Shrug Wrap

If you are approaching the cold winter months but still have a vintage hen party in mind, a shrug wrap is sure to look super glam as well as keeping you super snug! This vintage accessory looks most perfect when worn over a knee length dress! Choose from a wide range of colours including white, brown and black!

Hand Muff

Be sure to opt for a hand muff for the winter season to keep your hands warm, better being safe than sorry! As you seen in many old time classic movies, hand muffs were worn by many stylish icons and was considered a luxury item! Make the most of your vintage hen party look with a glamorous hand muff!


The vintage era was widely known for its chic headwear so be sure to add this to your checklist! From a felt hat to a stylish beret you are guaranteed to be stuck for choice! They come in an endless selection of colours ladies so ensure you find one to match your outfit beautifully! Why not opt for a black fedora hat seen wore by Audrey Hepburn in the classic movie “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”? With a black fitted tight dress and a pair of white satin gloves you will leave the whole hen party super envious!

So there you have it ladies, vintage hen party accessories that are a must have to mark the celebrations in style! Be inspired and create the ultimate vintage hen party look today!

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