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Vintage Hen Party Theme

Get the Vintage Hen Party Theme Look

It is very clear that the Vintage hen party theme is most certainly the most popular hen party idea at present. This has come around with the great interest in vintage and chic clothing and style.

The beauty of the Vintage hen party theme is that the vintage style really will not limit your hens because it varies from the 1920s flapper girl to the 1950 American Housewife style.

For your hen party though you may wish to choose an exact Vintage theme and ensure that all of your hens dress the same. We highly recommend the American Housewife theme where all of your hens dress in full halter checked dresses, together with hair in rollers and the obligatory apron and big glasses!

Vintage Hen Party Activity

For the Vintage hen party theme and especially if your hens dress as an American housewife from the 1950s then why not do what an American housewife would do best and get your entire hen party to go for a cupcake making class, where your hens can spend the afternoon making delightful cupcakes.

Why not take your Vintage hen party to a delightful set of tea rooms or luxury hotel for an exquisite afternoon tea, full of scones, clotted creams, scrumptious cakes and treats and obviously some hen party champagne!

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