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Vikings Hen Party Theme

Vikings Hen Party Look

The Vikings and Barbarians hen party theme provides your hen party with the opportunity to dress as a Viking or Barbarian warrior. It’s not every day that your hens will get to dress as warriors so this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Given that there is not set outfit for a viking or barbarian it means that your hens will have creative licence to make their hen party outfit as they want it. The key to any viking or barbarian hen party outfit is to ensure that it is made up of basically the colours brown or black, with plenty of furs or faux furs, and leather thrown it. Gladiator sandals are the best bet for footwear and your hens wont go wrong here.

We doubt very much that vikings or barbarians ever wore make up, but there is no reason why your hens cannot sex things up a bit and make the hen party viking or barbarian a very sexy viking or barbarian!

Viking Hen Party Ideas

Viking Tour e.g. feel like a real Viking for the day in an exhiliarting tour of famous historical landmarks with your fellow Vikings!
Outfit Making e.g. create your own outfit to become the most stylish viking out of your friends!
Boat trip e.g. an exhilarating boat ride for you and the girls will create a Viking Experience like no other! 
Horseriding - trot your way along the scenic countryside with you and your girls just like a Viking would have in hundreds of years ago!


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