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Super Heroes Hen Party Theme

Get the Super Heroes Hen Party Theme Look

The Super Heroes hen party theme is a great hen party idea for all those hens who are super hero fanatics! If the hen bride to be really is a super hero fanatic then she may well choose to pick which of her hens are dressed as what ever Super Hero she wants to.

Super Hero hen party ideas can range from the classic Super Woman hen to Cat Woman, Bat Woman, Spider Woman and Wonder Woman to name but a few. In reality each of these hen party super hero outfits aren't going to be easily done with items you already have at home, so if your hens are handy with a needle and thread then get stuck in, otherwise your hens will have to buy their costumes ready made which can be easily done through countless outlets online.

Your super hero hen party theme need not be full of female super heroes though, there is no reason why you cant have Batman, Robin, Spider Man, Wolverine and even The Incredible Hulk at your Super Hero hen party!

Super Heroes Hen Party Activity

If you plan on having a Super Hero hen party then why not test your hens on their super hero powers and see what they are made of. How about taking your super hero hen party for the ultimate hen party activity and spend the afternoon on an assault course or pit their strengths against a high ropes course? These sure will make great fun for every hen involved. It may not be best to wear your super hero hen costumes though because they might get a little messy, and we wouldn't want your hens party super heroes not in pristine condition for the big hen night ahead!

Spotted as Super Heroes

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