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Retro Eighties Hen Party Theme

Get The Retro Eighties Look

Start off this fun hen do appearance with a glittery, sequined or leather outfit, whether it’s a skin-tight dress or a jump suit. To crazy up this style, add luminous leg warmers, high heels, big hair bands and lots of bracelets! Go all out with the retro eighties style makeup your hen do chicks should go all out with bold colours on the eyes with plenty of eyeliner and mascara. Top off with plenty of blusher and bright lipstick. Miniskirts and shiny black thigh high boots were huge in the eighties so for the brave hens among you, suit up and get ready to spot some dropped jaws when you celebrate the hen party out on the town that night!

Hen Party Activity

Why don’t your hen party girls spend an afternoon playing a few games of bowling, a highly popular pastime of the eighties? Maybe you should encourage the hens to dress up in their gear before they knock down a few pins! Or why not pump up the stereo and blast out the hits of the eighties to play karaoke to and dance the famous moves of the eighties? Your hens will feel like young girls again when they sing-along to this comical game!


If your hens want to get some inspiration for their fashion style, why not look at the singer Madonna’s extreme outfits in her music videos of the eighties. Or watch famous dance movies of this decade like ‘Dirty Dancing’ or ‘Fame’ to see how extreme eighties clothing could get! Perhap get your hens to check out the fitness videos made by the main actress from the film ‘Grease’, Olivia Newton John. She really promoted the wear of leg warmers and mixed colour clothing! Maybe your hens can warm up for the celebrations by working out to some of her videos!

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