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Police Woman Hen Party Theme

Get the Police Woman Hen Party Theme Look

It could not be easier for your hens to get the Police Woman hen party look. Every single last one of your hens will know exactly what a police woman will look like. Although in fairness real life police women wear boring trousers, boring jumpers and big boring shoes, though the hen party police woman will mix things up quite a bit. Your hens will have free reign to spice up their police woman costume in what ever way they want.

So ditch the thought of the baggy trousers and jumper, and switch them for the naught police woman hen party look, a pull on a tight mini skirt and a tight white gapping blouse which leaves nothing to the imagination. Some of your hens may wish to even spice it up a bit with a pair of thigh high stockings.

Once again hen party accessories are vital to this hen party idea, as you will most definitely need a police woman hat, a police woman badge, and the ultimate police woman hen party accessory, hand cuffs and a police baton!

Police Woman Hen Party Activity

The police woman hen party idea may get your hens in the mood for a good old fashioned police car chase. So the best thing here would be to get all of your hen party together and put them through their paces in a grand prix with hen party go karting! The fastest police hen will be recognised with her very own trophy and also have bragging rights for the rest of your hen weekend.

What your Police Woman hen party will most certainly have to do is hit the town on your hen night and boogie the night away, whilst at the same time keeping the town under control with your hen party hand cuffs and keeping the men at bay with your hen party police woman batons!

Spotted as a Police Woman

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