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Pirates Hen Party Theme

Get the Pirates Hen Party Theme Look

To get the Pirate hen party theme look your hens will find an abundance of inspiration for their pirate hen party idea both online and in books. The beauty of the pirate hen party theme is that every one of your hens will most definitely be completely different depending on their interpretation of a hen party pirate, or what type of pirate they want to look like.

Your hens could simply get a pair of three quarter length trousers, an old tatty white blouse with strategically placed rips together with a large belt and a buckle and they will be half way there to being a hen party pirate.

Why not get a waistcoat and wear that over the top of your white blouse. Accessories always perfect a hen party theme, so why not get your hens an eye patch, a captains hat and maybe even a wooden leg!

Your hens wont all have dress as a pirate though, some may wish to dress as Tinkerbell from Peter Pan!

Pirates Hen Party Activity

The perfect hen party idea for the pirate hen party theme is to get your gang of merry hens together and get on board your very own hen party pirate ship! Ok a real life hen party pirate ship may be near impossible, but a day with your hen party pirate crew cruising on a large boat will be hilarious. Whether you choose your own chartered hen party cruiser for a weekend or spend the day on a boat together with cocktail classes and party games, your hen party pirates sure will have a rip roaring time! Just make sure that you make none of your hen party walk the plank!

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