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Onesies Hen Party Theme

Get the Onesies Hen Party Look

The Onesies Hen Party theme does not require an incredible amount of guidance for your hen party as there is only one thing which your hens need to do for this theme and that is to wear a onesie.

To make your Onesie hen party unique you can choose a specific themed onesie for your hen weekend, such as every hen in a Tigger onesie, or you can simply give free creative licence to every one of your hens and ask them to wear the onesie of their choice.

It may sound like a daft hen party idea, but it is truly hilarious when you have over a dozen adult females all dressed in onesies and partying at the same time! Just imagine the reaction that your hen party will get from the public, not to mention the legendary hen party photographs which will be your to share and laugh at forever!

Onesies Hen Party Activity

The comfort provided by a onesie is unquestionable and this is the main reason for their such popular demand. Given the comfort provided to your hen party it doesnt limit the hen party activites your hens can take part in.

Why not enjoy a day hen party karting, which you could even mix up into a Mario Bros onsie hen party them is you wished. Or how about your onesie hen party all spend the afternoon at a dance class to learn some cool new moves for the hen night partying ahead, although then again it might not be such a good idea with the heat in a onesie.

Either way your hen party will undoubteduly be unlimited to the hen party activities they can participate in so please take full advantage of our hen party actvities section to find out exactly what will suit your onesie hen party.

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