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Old Women Hen Party Theme

Get the Old Women Hen Party Look

Now the Old Women hen party theme is a very new hen party idea which many will never have seen before. It may sound completely unsexy and unappealing, but we can vouch that this is one of the most effective and hilariously funny hen party ideas you could think of.

For the unsuspecting party goer the sight of over a dozen old women in a night club dancing and drinking cocktails will be a sight to behold. Even for everyone in the hen party they will have endless fun laughing and giggling at each others clothing, make up, hair, glasses and even choice of shoes.

The difficulty level of the Old Women hen party theme is not difficult at all, and the expense of the Old Women hen party theme is also incredibly low. All that your hen party will have to do is get their hands on some clothing that an old age pensioner would wear, such as old flowery blouses, baggy wooly cardigans, long skirts, old fashion shoes which can all be accessorised with big old glasses, a grey wig and even some old women fancy dress make up!

The beauty of the old women hen party theme is that each and every single one of your hens will look completely unique and every hen’s outfits will make for the continuous topic of conversation and hen party laughter all day! The hen party photographs sure will be items to treasure forever.

Old Women Hen Party Activity

If your hens wish to fully embrace the old women hen party theme they could spend the afternoon partaking in activities that old women take so much delight in. Why not take your hen party for a cookery class where they can learn from an expert chef how to bake an cake or even an apple tart, as this is most certainly an old women activity and something that will be a whole lot of hen party fun too!

Old Women are widely known for loving going to Bingo. Take your old women hen party and go to a bingo hall to see what all the fuss is about. You never know your hen party may get lucky and win a large sum of money to put into the hen party kitty!

Celebrity Old Women

Obviously there wont be too many celebrities tripping over themselves to dress up as an old woman, although the one and only Heidi Klum decided to do so for fancy dress, and she sure did pull it off!

Remember the Robin Williams classic comedy Mrs Doubtfire? Well he is the exact inspiration your need for your old women hen party, maybe even watch it as your hen party movie!

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