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Naughty Secretary Hen Party Theme

Get the Naughty Secretary Hen Party Look

The Naughty Secretary hen party idea sure is one which will ensure that your hen party grabs the attention of every single red blooded make everywhere that you will go on your hen weekend!

We’re sure that a lot of your hens will work in an office and own plenty of office wear, though the vast majority of it wont be suitable for the naughty secretary hen party theme. What your hen party need to think of is basically tailoring their office wear to make it as sexually appealing as possible. To get the naughty secretary look we suggest starting from the top down. Wear a black or red lacy bra and over the top of it wear a tight white blouse unbuttoned half way down to reveal your naughty cleavage and lingerie.

Your hens should then pull on a very tight mini skirt and either wear a pair of kinky stockings or no tights or stockings at all, with simply a black garter on your leg. Black stiletto heels are a must!!

You hens will no doubt know how to accessorise your naughty secretary hen party outfits and the aim is for everyone on the hen party to look like a naughty secretary but also have their own unique twist on the theme!

This extremely effective but incredibly simple hen party idea will leave all of your hens with lasting memories of your naughty secretary hen party theme.

Naughty Secretary Hen Party Activity

Given the revealing nature of the naughty hen party theme it wouldn't be the best idea for your hens to participate in an active hen party activity. The naughty secretary hen party idea is one which suits a hen night out on the town.

Why not take your ladies to a hen party cocktail class where you can all learn from an expert mixologist how to create your favourite drink, then afterwards do some hen party clubbing and watch how every man creaks their neck looking at your naughty secretary hen party!

Celebrity Naughty Secretary

The famous tennis player, who is more famous for her stunning good looks than her tennis playing ability, Anna Kournikova famously rocked the naughty secretary look. There is no reason why your naughty secretary hen party cannot look just as good!

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