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Naughty Nurse Hen Party Theme

Get the Naughty Nurse Hen Party Look

The Naughty Nurse hen party theme is a hen party idea which will ensure that your hen party will receive constant male attention from start to finish. The Naughty Nurse is every mans fantasy, and what better occasion to have men drooling at you and your hens than on your hen party, that last weekend of freedom.

To achieve the Naughty Nurse hen party look it should not be difficult what soever for your hens, and also cost them very little expense too. What is vital is to have a nurses dress. As we all know too well these are not standard issue nurse uniform, though I think if your hen party did decide to wear standard issue nurse scrubs then it would be one extremely boring naughty nurse hen party! Your hens will need to get hold of a white or blue nurses costume which will effectively be a mini skirt with a blouse attached that the buttons can open on.

White stockings or white tights should be worn by your hens, as well as a pair of black, white or even red stiletto heels. To make it a super naughty nurse hen idea then wear a sexy black or red lacy bra and ensure to leave enough buttons open so the bra is easily seen.

Your hen party should feel free to accessorise as they wish with a stethoscopes, plasters, bandages and even a special hen party first aid kit filled with small medicine bottles with alcohol in them!

Naughty Nurse Hen Party Activity

As the very nature of the naughty nurse hen party theme is that it is raunchy and incredibly sexy it somewhat limits to a certain extent what your hen party will want to do as a hen party activity, given that fine dining restaurants may be out of the question.

The naughty nurse hen party idea is one for your hen party to head out on the town and enjoy a nights partying. Though before hand why not go to a hen party pole dancing class so your hens can learn exactly how to flaunt their stuff on the dance floor.

Moving on then arrange for your hens to kick the hen night off it style and take your ladies to a hen party cocktail class where they can learn from an expert mixologist how to blend your favourite cocktail. This is a sure fire hit to get your hen night started off with a bang!

Celebrity Naughty Nurse

There sure is no shortage of female celebrities who have dressed up as a naughty nurse. The problem that we have here is selecting the best naughty nurse hen party ideas to show you.

Maria Carey teamed up with rapper Nicki Minaj to produce the song, “Up Out Of My Face”.

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