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Naughty Nun Hen Party Theme

Get the Naughty Nun Look

The trick to getting this look right is to transform what was the plain and frumpy nun’s outfit with an ankle length robe and sweltering habit (head piece), into a short sexy outfit that shows off the legs, curves and assets! Start your hen party girls off by buying the naughty nuns outfits online or have some fun making them yourselves. Accessorise with some white knee or thigh length stockings and shiny black heels or perhaps some shiny black thigh high boots. This sexy look is guaranteed to get the men panting when they see you all out on the town that night and there will be no shortage of ‘blasphemous’ jokes to laugh about with your fellow hens as you party through the night!

Hen Party Activity

A fun game to play while your hens dress up in their sinfully short dresses and habits is to pick naughty nicknames to call each other when they’re out celebrating the hen party that night. For example, popular nicknames are ‘Sister No-Knickers’, ‘Sister Flirt-A lot’ or ‘Sister ‘Dirty- Thoughts’! Your hen party chicks will be in fits of laughter as they play this game and when they use the nicknames when they’re out on the town that night!


Madonna and Lady Gaga are famous for their interpretations of the naughty nun costume. Lady Gaga left very little to the imagination when during one of her shows; she wore a see- through mini dress with only a few pieces of material covering her modesty! If your hens want a less extreme style then watch the ‘Sister Act’ films or ‘The Sound of Music’ to get some inspiration for nun styles and accessories.

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