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Native American Hen Party Theme

Get the Native American Hen Party Look

The Native American hen party theme is one which makes you immediately think about cowboys and indians which you played as children. The Native American hen party theme can be very entertaining as your hens can all dress up as either female of male Native Americans.

Your hens may even choose that the bride to be dresses up as an Indian Chief with everyone else in the hen party dressed as a female Indian, or as they are properly known, a squaw.

To dress your bride to be as an Indian Chief it couldn't be easier. Get some feathers and make an indian head dress. The Indian head dress will take some time to make, but this is the ultimate accessory which will make the Native American hen party idea a success.

We would advise getting old felt farm sacks and cutting them into one large piece of fabric and then making these into trousers and a jacket. Use the same old farm sacks to make a simple dress. Your hens should obviously wear their long hair hanging down and simply held in place with a head band made of twine.

For footwear we would suggest either moccasin shoes, Ugg boots or even sandals.

Native American Hen Party Activity

Given the rustic appearance of your the Native American hen party idea why not embrace the experience and spend the entire hen weekend like a Native American Indian?

You could take your Native American hen party into the country and spend the weekend camping out and singing and playing your own music at night time around the camp fire.

Hen party horse riding would be a fantastic hen party experience to remember, and why not finish the day with some hen weekend archery lessons. Your Native American hen party really would feel like true squaws after this experience.

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