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Movie Star Hen Party Theme

Get the Movie Star Hen Party Look

The Movie Star hen party theme is one which can be easily achieved by your hens, though it al also depends on which movie star each of your hens chooses to be.

You should explain to each of your hens that the basis of the Movie Star hen party theme is that each hen will have to pick their favourite Movie Star and dress as that Movie Star for your hen night. There are no limitations here and hens can even dress as male movie stars or even dinosaurs if they want to!

Obviously given the incredibly wide scope of Movie Stars your hens could choose to be we obviously cant tell you what to wear, but we can give you some hen party tips and that is to keep your Movie Star hen party idea simple and also keep it cheap!

Movie Star Hen Party Activity

The ideal activity for your Movie Star he party would obviously depend on which movie star each of your hens is planning to be, though with the chances that some hens may dress as GI Jane or Superwoman we cannot match their activities due to great risks with health and safety.

One thing that movie stars love is the high life, so why not have a luxury hen party activity such as chartering a hen party yacht for the weekend, or how about getting all of your hens onboard a hen party sea plane? The options are endless and you will find the perfect posh hen party on our luxury hen party pages.


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