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Military Hen Party Theme

Get The Military Hen Look

There is a number of looks which a hen can go for from a sexy army combat girl to a classy wartime officer that oozes control! The wartime officer look is perfect for luxury hen parties that want to be in theme but remain seductive! This look consists of a green jacket with gold buttons and matching green skirt with white shirt and green tie. Pin your hair up and wear a military pointed hat. To complete the look add gold badges and some medals!

For those that want to go for a more sexier look then its time to get those legs on show! Opt for a tight fitted dress or skirt that has a camouflage print. Your hair should be let down and twinned with a army hat. Now you can finish this sexy look with stockings or knee high boots. Didn’t we tell you this look was one that will command attention!

The basic and cheapest way to get the military look is to wear a green hen t-shirt, a pair of Aviator sunglasses and apply some face paints to your face to show you mean business! Hens should definitely consider investing in a bullet belt that is sure to perfect the military look!

Hen Day Activity - Military style!

Time to get into GI Jane mode and pump up your weapon for a round of paint balling. No hen is save as you race around the combat field avoiding your enemies who are just waiting to splat you with a paint ball! This is a great military hen day activity as it promotes teamwork with each hen having to watch their fellow hens back. Laughs and a few sore arms and legs is guaranteed along the way!

High ropes assult course

For hens that prefer something a little less action packed but nevertheless demanding a trip to a high ropes or assault course will prove just as popular.


A-list celebrities to take inspiration from include Beyonce and Kelly Rowland in their 2009 Density’s Child music video “Survivor”. In more recent years Rihanna themed her entire music video “Hard” in a sexy military theme.

Classy hen parties may want to take inspiration from Cheryl Cole’s debut video “Fight For This Love” where she is seen in a red and black military style outfit looking as classy and sexy as ever!

So ladies have we grabbed your attention? If so, then why not theme that forthcoming hen night or weekend with a military twist!

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