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Masquerade Hen Party Theme

Get the Masquerade Hen Party Look

The Masquerade hen party theme is one of the ultimate luxury hen party ideas. Given that the Masquerade idea developed in Renaissance France and Italy as a theme for incredibly exquisite balls then you can only imagine the extent of the luxury involved in a Masquerade hen party.

We’re pretty sure that all of your hens will be the owners of great full length party gowns, if not then there may be old dresses at home which your hens can dig out of wardrobes. Failing that your hens can make a visit to their local second hand clothing store and find a perfect party frock for your Masquerade hen party. The older and more glamorous the hen party Masquerade dress, the better!

Once each hen has her dress all that she will then need is the hen party Masquerade mask. There is no point for your hen to spend a fortune on an exquisite mask when she can make one perfectly well herself. It is the DIY hen party mask which makes this Masquerade hen party a unique idea, and will ensure every single hen is different!

Once all of your hens are dressed in Masquerade hen party theme then you will realise what an incredible hen party idea it is!

Masquerade Hen Party Activity

Given that Masquerade hen party theme is one of the ultimate luxury hen party ideas, then you will have to have an equally luxury hen party activity. We would suggest that your masquerade hen party go to a luxury hotel and enjoy a delightful hen party afternoon tea together with plenty of champagne. Maybe even progress to spend the remainder of your day with your hen party having a spot of wine tasting!

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