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Jockey Hen Party Theme

Get the Jockey Hen Party Look

The Jockey hen party theme is a unique hen party idea which many people or hens will not have or heard about seen before. It is a novel idea where each and every one of your hens dress up as a jockey. We all know what a jockey looks like and the type of outfit that they wear, but the most recognisable feature is that each and every jockey wears a top with unique colouring and patterns on it. Imagine each of your hens dressed up as a jockey, but everyone wearing completely different colours and patterns.

Most of the jockey hen party theme costume is easy to prepare. Thick black leggings are a must, with either black leather or patent black boots with no heel. The top will be tricky to make, but why not buy a batch of plain white t-shirts and have each of your hens design their own top. For the jockey helmet get a hard hat from a toy shop and cover it in felt the same colour as your jockey hen party top. There is no need for your hens to go to great expense in buying a whip, so simply get a piece of bamboo and paint it black.

The jockey hen party idea is extremely effective and superb to look at, and can be easily achieved without any great hassle or expense. Just be careful your hens don't get into too much trouble with their whips!

Jockey Hen Party Activity

With the jockey hen party idea your hens will be dressed in the perfect gear to go horse riding, so why not arrange for your hens to have a horse riding hen party, with some great destinations to go hen party horse riding for either beginners lessons or even an entire weekend horse riding hen party with camping!


Celebrity Jockey

From our research there are very few celebrities who have dressed as jockeys, although who needs to see what a celebrity looks like dressed as a jockey when we all know what they look like!


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