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Gypsy Wedding Hen Party Theme

Get The Gypsy Wedding Look

For those hens thinking of organising a gypsy themed hen party what should be on the wish list? Well if money is no object then we suggest you get in touch with celebrity gypsy dress maker Thelma Madine from Liverpool, who will russell up your hen party with larger than life gypsy outfits. From gigantic bright pink wedding gowns to pineapple shaped party dresses, no design will be too big for Thelma to make! The only problem is each hen will need at least a grand in cash to be able to afford one of these bespoke gypsy outfits

If like most hens you cannot afford to splash the cash on one of Thelma’s elaborate creations then why not opt for a spot of DIY? Henorstag.com uncover the essential ingredients in creating the gypsy look for your forthcoming hen do:

1) Think Big!
If you are considering wearing a wedding dress then go for the biggest most flamboyant dress that you can get your hands on. Often charity shops are a great source for such dresses and for the creative hen why not sow two together. If it’s bridesmaid dresses that you want then think big frills, puffs and bows

2) Think Bright!
Gypsy girls really do love their bright colors and when we say bright we mean neon bright! Think electric pink, lime green, florescent yellow and mad orange and you certainly won’t go wrong!

3) Think Bling!
Weigh yourself down with as much jewelry as you can handle. Be sure this includes a pair of gold or silver hoop earrings which are an iconic gypsy trademark. You may also want to wear a large statement ring, remember the bigger the better!

4) Think Tan and Curls!
If you have long hair get the ironing tongs out and curl it into waves. For the more traditional gypsy look why not also tie a scarf around your head. No gypsy look would be complete without a good thick application of fake tan.

Gypsy Products Available From Partydo:

Bright Tutu’s
Diamante Hen Party T-Shirts
Flashing veils, sashes and badges
Hen party Tiara’s

Celebrating the “Gypsy” sure is all the rage! If it’s good enough for Colombian pop beauty Shakira who sings the appropriately titled single “Gypsy” then we’re sure you should give it ago! So ladies what are you waiting for, dawn that gypsy hen outfit and celebrate your hen... Big Fact Gypsy Wedding style!

Gypsy Wedding Hen Party Ideas

Makeover class e.g. hire a beautician for you and your ladies to help create the ultimate Gypsy Wedding makeover such as spray tans, nail art, make up and hair styling.  
Limousine tour e.g. take a tour of your most desired city in an extravagant limousine! 


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