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Flintstones Hen Party Theme

Get the Flintstones Hen Party Look

Achieving The Flintstones Hen Party Theme Look could not be easier for you or your hens. Your hens need not worry that they will look like neanderthal women either, because we’re pretty sure that most hens will definitely not want to sport the ‘au natural’ look with unshaven legs, arm pits and wherever else! Plus straggly matted hair that hasn't been washed or brushed in weeks isn't a good look either!

The Flintstones hen party theme sure can be sexy and incredibly attractive. Get your ladies to dig out their leopard print, whether it be an old leopard print dress or a bug furry leopard print or zebra striped coat. Lets hope your hens are pretty good at customising as this is what will make your cave woman look stand out. Depending on how adventurous your hen party is you can make your cave woman dress as revealing as you want, why not even match it up with some leopard print knickers?

You cannot have your hen party running around true cave woman style in their bare feet, so why not use some gladiator sandals, or even a pair of leather boots during those chilly winter months. These can be easily customised too with some faux leather tied around them.

Customising your cave woman hen party theme outfit sure can be fun, though you might have to bear in mind that many bars or restaurants wont admit a hen party armed with wooden clubs. You can glam up using costume jewellery or simply some leather bracelets or DIY hen party jewellery by making a necklace by threading melon seeds onto a string.

We’re pretty sure your ladies will easily come up with dozens of creative ideas to customise their own cave woman hen party themed outfit.

Flintstones Hen Party Activity

Now here is where your imagination can run wild when thinking of the ideal cave woman or Flintstones hen party activity. If your hens are active then why not book an outdoor pursuits weekend where your hen party cave women can practice their skills with a bow and arrow on an archery course. Or how about arranging a day for your hen party to trek across country on horse back, maybe even bring a few tents along with you and camp out for the night. One thing for sure is that you will not be stuck for ideas when it comes to a cave woman hen party theme!

Celebrity Flinstones

For some ultimate stimulation of how a sexy cave woman can be then look no further than Racquel Welch in the 1966 classic, ‘One Million Years B.C’. Some hens may find this a little adventurous, though you have to admit that she does look incredible!

More recently though Carly Zucker really and truly does show every hen how it should be done when he appeared in a television advert for the mens deodorant Lynx. If only could look as incredible as this whilst dressed as a cave woman.

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