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Flapper Hen Party Theme

Get the Flapper Look

Traditional hair styles of the 1920’s are a ultra sleek black or platinum blonde bob so if your hens can find a wig like that, they’re well on their way to becoming the perfect flapper! A sleeveless dress with a dropped waistline, plunging neckline, a plunging backline is the perfect hen flapper dress! Team this up with sexy stockings, elbow length silk gloves, feathered hair pieces and pearls to complete the look. For makeup, go for a pale look with bright red lips, smoky eye makeup and well defined eyebrows. Your hens will certainly be attracting some admiring looks when they head out on the town in this gear!

Hen Party Activity

Why don’t your hen party girls get into ‘flapper’ mode by watching a 1920’s film called ‘The Flapper’? It’s about a sixteen year old girl who dreams of becoming a liberated flapper and does everything in her power to become one. Your hen party group can pick up a lot of inspirations from the beautiful clothing style of the decade of jazz!


Check out the hot 1920’s flapper look that the singer Christina Aguilera perfected during a clothing style faze of hers. Her shiny blond hair, defined red lips, creamy complexion and stunning 1920’s style dresses really brought the fashion back into trend for quite a while!

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