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Favourite Colour Hen Party Theme

Get the Favourite Colour Hen Party Look

The Favourite Colour hen party theme is all about creating the perfect hen party completely around whatever the hen’s favourite colour may be!

Once a colour is decided upon for the Favourite Colour hen party then every hen must ensure that they dress in this colour and that every

The Burlesque look is all about celebrating real women with real bodies, so all of your hens have no need to worry because fake tan and plastic fantastic simply does not fit in with the Burlesque hen party idea.

Burlesque developed from carbaret and theatre and the everything about simply screams hen party chic. The burlesque hen party idea and theme suits any hen who is looking for that contemporary hen party idea or vintage hen party theme.

The magical thing about the Burlesque hen party theme is that is can be easily achieved with quite a number of items that your hens will already have lying around at home. Plus the bonus with that is that almost every one of your hens will be completely unique!

Starting from the bottom up for the Burlesque hen party theme we think that it is a necessity for your hens to wear a classic pair of heels, the colour does not matter, though the more chic the better. Stockings are another abolsute must for your hens. Your cheeky hens can decide to go all out with suspenders, although it really is entirely up to your hen party, if you can find vintage silk stockings these would be perfect.

Please ensure your hens remember that the Burlesque hen party theme is all about celebrating the figure of a woman no matter what shape or size. Ideally for Burlesque it would be amazing for your hens to wear a corset of their choice to empahise this figure, though please remind your hens for full effect to wear this and only this. For those hens who dont wish to be too revealing then why not wear a silky night dress which can be equally effective and contemporary.

Finish and perfect the Burlesque hen party theme with some delightful hen party accessories. Extra long lacy gloves to your elbow would be amazing, maybe even a frilly umbrella to carry around.

We recommend vintage hair styles for this unique hen party idea, please remember though to be creative as you can and for full effect have every single hen with a different style. Have fun being incredible and the ultimate glamourous hen party!

Favourite Colour Hen Party Activity

Your hen party will not be restricted in any way with the Christmas Jumper Hen party theme in that your hens can participate in any kind of hen party activity they wish. Bearing in mind though that most will have a Christmas Jumper hen party around the festive period it most certainly will be cold, so that rules out most outdoor activities.

Why not get your Christmas Jumper hen party together to a class of festive cocktail making, or maybe even liven things up a little and turn the temperate up a bit more with a life drawing class or to takes things easy with a wine tasting afternoon.

Those hard core Christmas Jumper fans may even enjoy a textiles class to learn how to customise of even knit their own Christmas Jumper!

Celebrities in Favourite Colours

To see how the favourite colour hen party can really be done to the fullest of effects then look no further than a white party hosted by no other than P Diddy, Puff Daddy, Sean Combs or whatever you want to call him!

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