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Egypt Hen Party Theme

Get the “Ancient Egypt” Hen Party Look

To get you and all of your beautiful ladies suitably dressed and as beautiful as the wonderful Cleopatra for your hen party, it need not be as difficult as you may think. All that your hens will need for this luxurious hen party theme is a good eye for detail, and some minor costume pieces. Plenty of gold effect jewellery is ideal, and the more bling the better so dig out the gold costume jewellery.

Tie your hens hair up in creative buns decorated with large gold clips. Gladiator type sandals are ideal, and then a large draping cream dress worn on one shoulder only. Either use a maxi dress or even be more creative with a large bed sheet. Our hen party theme tip is to search online for as many photographs as possible of Cleopatra and take your inspiration from there. The Ancient Egypt Hen Party theme most definitely is unique and is a hen party theme that will rarely have ever been seen before.

Egypt Hen Party Ideas

Egyptian Photoshoot e.g. book a photoshoot and accessorise with egyptian necklaces etc. 
Egyptian Makeover e.g. hire a makeup artist for the day and create the perfect arabic look. 
Jeweller Class e.g. hire a jewellery maker and create your own accessories.
Arabic Dance Class e.g. dress up in Arabic wear and dance the afternoon away. 
Lama Treking e.g. visit a activity centre offering Lama Treking - its the next best thing to a camel!

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