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Christmas Jumpers Hen Party Theme

Get the Christmas Jumpers Hen Party Look

The Christmas Jumpers Hen party look couldn't be easier for your Christmas loving hens to achieve.

Firstly please don't be disillusioned into thinking that the Christmas Jumpers Hen party idea should be used solely in and around the Christmas period, think of the entertainment that you will provide with the Christmas Jumpers hen party theme when it is in the middle of July. Ok it might be funny, though some might see it as a tad distasteful and the majority of hens may find it a little too warm. Either way we at HenorStag think it is a great hen party idea whatever the time of year.

You can find plenty of Christmas Jumpers for your hen party at cheap and cheerful prices at either your local second hand shop or even in most retail stores. There are also a lot of Christmas Jumpers to be found online. We at HenorStag.com are huge fans of the home made hen party Christmas jumpers. It is very easy to customise an old jumper with tinsel, felt or even fairy lights!

There is just two rules that need to be complied with in the Christmas Jumper hen party theme and that is that the jumper needs to be very festive but it also needs to be equally as ridiculous!

Christmas Jumpers Hen Party Activity

Your hen party will not be restricted in any way with the Christmas Jumper Hen party theme in that your hens can participate in any kind of hen party activity they wish. Bearing in mind though that most will have a Christmas Jumper hen party around the festive period it most certainly will be cold, so that rules out most outdoor activities.

Why not get your Christmas Jumper hen party together to a class of festive cocktail making, or maybe even liven things up a little and turn the temperate up a bit more with a life drawing class or to takes things easy with a wine tasting afternoon.

Those hard core Christmas Jumper fans may even enjoy a textiles class to learn how to customise of even knit their own Christmas Jumper!

Celebrities in Christmas Jumpers

The spiritual home of the Christmas Jumper has to be Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone. It has to be said that many people have gained Christmas Jumper inspiration from this all time classic!

When it comes to pin up boys and pin up girls though these two certainly have cracked it with their Christmas jumpers, Myleene Klass and Mark Wright!

This guy on the other hand has taken Christmas Jumpers to a whole new level though ... imagine a dozen or so of these on your Christmas Jumper hen party!

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